Nintendo Will Create 'Surprise And Delight' With Mobile Games

AH Nintendo 1

Mobile gaming has been an integral part of the overall smartphone experience, as processors and other components got more powerful, games started to look much better and featured new ways to control them and interact with certain elements displayed on the screen. Nintendo has been analyzing the situation for a while and finally decided to develop select games for mobile platforms. It has already been reported that their first software for these platforms would be called Miitomo, this app is meant to help connect users lets them create their own avatars.

In a recent interview with Time, Nintendo of America President and CEO, Reggie Fils-Aim©, shared a few ideas on how the company is approaching the development of mobile apps. It is easy to think that a game featuring Mario would instantly become a financial success disregarding any platform, but Nintendo’s vision is to provide a “wonderful experience for consumers”, so instead of just porting some games, they are thinking of the best ways of bringing their most popular franchises to smartphones, using the hardware resources and innovative gameplay that are available on these devices.

Nintendo has always developed their hardware and software hand-in-hand, so if they get an idea for a new game, they must think of the hardware limitations or create something to make that idea become possible. In mobile platforms, they won’t be in control with the hardware, so they will have to develop software with what’s currently available, thinking of how to use touchscreen controls and adapting their games to new play styles. They realize that these new apps will feel different from what we’ve seen in their consoles, but they don’t mind that difference, as the company has always thought of innovative ways of controlling their games. “We’re confident we can deliver ‘surprise and delight’ within the profile of mobile devices just as well as we do with dedicated portables or home consoles”, said Fils-Aim©. Miitomo is an example of the approach towards these platforms, while there are many apps that let us communicate with other users, the company thinks that this app will provide an experience that’s differentiated in the marketplace. The transformation from Club Nintendo to My Nintendo is another way that the company is thinking about integrating a mobile experience to their current platforms.