Nexus Devices Set To Receive New Emojis Next Week

AH Google Search Emojis 2

Text and messaging apps are the premier form of communication these days with smartphones being on most people’s person at all times. In direct relation, there has been a rise in the use and popularity of emojis over the last couple of years, and it’s to the point where emojis are common practice on just about any conversation whether you’re typing up a new text or replying to a friend, or updating your status on Facebook or Twitter. Despite how you feel about emojis, they can liven up just about any digital conversation and make it easier to convey how you feel when simply words just won’t do the trick.

The only issue perhaps is that there may not be enough emojis. Or, if you use them quite constantly and would like to use them to describe just about anything, maybe it’s not that there aren’t enough, but that the right ones aren’t at your disposal. The good news is that Google is set to bring new emojis to Android next week, and if you own a Nexus device, like with software updates to the latest version of Android you’ll be getting first dibs on these new additions to the somewhat already extensive list.

Of those which are to be added in, included are a unicorn, a crab, and a lion, although there will certainly be more than just these few and they won’t be limited to Nexus devices. Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer states that they have shared the font and tech details for the emojis with OEM’s so they can incorporate them into their own devices. If you’re wondering why this would be needed, some manufacturers have slightly different looking emojis, so they’ll need the data to finalize the addons for these new emojis based on their designs. In addition to the announcement about the emojis themselves, Lockheimer has mentioned that the emojis will be accompanied by a brand new keyboard, and new code will be used for the emojis, which means a new system image will be sent out through an update. This is also the main reason why OEM were sent the code as they’ll need to optimize it for the device lineup.