New Google Office to Open in India

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Without a doubt, Google has become one of the most successful companies throughout the world. Originally, the internet giant was based in California and operated from this part of the world. Just recently, however, the company announced that they will be investing around $160 million on a new facility situated outside the United States. According to the announcement, Google will be building a two million square feet office in Hyderabad City in Telangana, India.

While the ground-breaking ceremony for the new office address is set for the first quarter of 2016, it won’t be until 2019 when the new campus will be operational. This is a far cry from all the wait Google had to go through when they first decided to build a campus in Hyderabad in 2007. But because of some legal issues involved in the allotment of the land, this had to be pushed back. In 2013, Google was again provided with a new piece of land by the Telangana government. These two were unable to materialize.

It wasn’t until September this year when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a visit to Silicon Valley for a meeting with some of the IT industry’s top executives that the issue was settled. This visit gave Google the approval of the government to put up an office in Hyderabad.

As of this writing, Google’s technology development center in Hyderabad has a total of 6,500 employees. Once the new campus will be constructed, the number could grow to 13,000. With Google’s decision to put up an office in Hyderabad, lots of things could be in store for Telangana and India. For its part, Google CEO Sundar Pichai shares that India has given the company so much. And because of this, they also want to give more for the country.

With Google’s plans of opening an office in Hyderabad, it means a lot for the country. For starters, this means that thousands of new jobs will be generated for those who are needed in these offices. Not to mention, it could also pave the road for other companies (particularly those in the IT industry) to follow suit. And for India, this could only mean big.