Nabi Tablet Maker ‘Fuhu’ Announces Acquisition By Mattel

December 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Many individuals may not be aware of a company called Fuhu, but over the past few year’s they’ve carved out a nice little niche for themselves in a market that wasn’t highly saturated or dominated by a bigger brand. Fuhu Inc. is the company behind the Nabi line of tablets which are aimed exclusively at kids and families. While Fuhu may go unnoticed to some, they have just announced the acquisition of their assets by a company that likely everyone has heard of. Mattel. The announcement was made back on December 7th as part of an official press release by Fuhu.

While Fuhu doesn’t mention any specific details about the reasons for the sale, they do state that they have agreed upon the terms of the acquisition with Mattel and that there are few things which must happen before the sale is finalized. Although the plan is to sell off their assets, at the moment it is still awaiting final approval and documentation as Fuhu is also filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy and the sales process is being overseen by the Bankruptcy court. While this may seem like bad news for fans of the Nabi products, Fuhu states that they are going to continue operating as normal during this time of transition.

What this means for those who may have recently placed orders for any Nabi tablets through the online shop is that they shouldn’t worry about their purchases, as Fuhu mentions that orders will continue to be fulfilled and the company expects to continue providing service to customers, vendors, and employees. They’re also committed to continuing support for customers who are already using Nabi tablets, and the company is expected to continue development on their software as well. Essentially, things are going to be fairly standard for Fuhu it seems and so long as the acquisition goes through without issue the brand will continue to live on and flourish. There were no details mentioned on how long the Chapter 11 proceedings may take, which means there is also no detail on an exact finalized date for the sale of Fuhu’s assets. What’s perhaps more interesting though will be to see what Mattel has planned for Fuhu’s technology and brand going forward. Mattel recently partnered with Google to create the all-new ViewMaster powered by Google Cardboard, and with Fuhu’s line of products under their belt, they could be looking to grab more of a foothold in the mobile devices market.