Moto X Pure Edition Receiving Marshmallow On Select Carriers


Since Google made available the latest version of their operating system, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow), the race has well and truly been on for manufacturers and carriers alike to make the update available to their respective devices. While this is a race which happens routinely every year and with every major Android update, it is a race which always seems to dominate the headlines. Who will be first to update their devices and who will be last?

Well, when it comes to the manufacturer side of things, Motorola has always been one of those looking to push updates out very quickly to their devices. Although, this is not that surprising as their take on Android is considered to be one of the closest to stock versions and as a result, requires far less tweaking than some of the others. This is why it was not huge surprise when Motorola announced back in November that their current flagship device, the Moto X Pure Edition, will receive Marshmallow in the 'next few weeks' in the U.S. Likewise, it was also not a massive surprise when the Moto X Pure Edition did very recently begin its soak testing of Android 6.0.


Well, if you are an owner of the Moto X Pure Edition in the U.S., it now looks like the testing is coming to a close, as typical Motorola information provider, David Schuster, has revealed today in the usual way (through his Google+ account) that the update for the Moto X Pure Edition is now good to go. The announcement confirms that Moto X Pure Editions on Verizon, Sprint and U.S. Cellular are all set to begin receiving their Android 6.0 updates. In fact, according to the information, the roll out is beginning this afternoon.

Concluding the short announcement, Schuster also did note that the Moto X Play and Moto X Force have both began soak testing in Brazil and that the Moto X Pure is also being soak tested in India too. While Schuster also did make a point of stating that they are continuing to work on the update for the other Marshmallow-confirmed Motorola devices. Although no time-frame or further information was provided.

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