Moto G 2015 Owners Already Getting Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Moto G 2015 AH 16

The latest version of Android, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, has been released for quite some time already. More than a few weeks ago, an update to this operating system version was rolled out to Google Nexus devices with a promise for the update to arrive in other devices. A recent Reddit post, however, confirms that the Moto G (2015) has already received the update. According to the post, the update has already rolled over to the device for its users based in the U.S. A T-Mobile user, however, claims that he has not yet received the update on his device. This is likely due to the fact that the update is probably only hitting the unlocked models at this time.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the latest Android update to roll out to your device, you’ll be in for some luck. This is particularly true if you are using the Moto G (2015). With this update, you’ll be able to enjoy the new features available on Marshmallow. As tested, some of the new features you can expect from the update include a new app menu drawer that’s a far cry from the ones on previous versions of Android. There’s also a new app search bar and favorites section that will help you navigate your device much faster. Although it isn’t too much of a difference, the clock on Marshmallow has been improved. Google has written the date text in all-caps, making it a lot easier to read. In addition to this, the font of the time characters have been thickened. There’s also a new memory manager, which you can use to check the memory usage of your installed apps. You can do this now without having to use a third-party app. While your phone is on lock, you can add a little line of text on your screen for whatever you wish to be written.

Google has also (yet again) changed the volume controls. Marshmallow also comes with a new “OK Google” command, which replaces Instant Google. Plus, there’s the option to put your device on Doze mode so you can help your device conserve power. With all these new features available on the latest Android version, it’s no wonder why many have been waiting for when the update will roll out to their device. And now that it’s finally available on the Moto G (2015), device owners could finally be in on all the fun that Nexus device users were exposed to with Marshmallow running on their phones.