A Mod To Create Stereo Sound From The Nexus 5X Is Available

December 7, 2015 - Written By Diego Macias

Smartphones are often used to watch movies, play games or listen to music. All of these use the speaker or set of speakers which are not usually very good. While speakers in smartphones have been getting louder and clearer, they are often located on the back or the bottom, so sound is not directed towards the user. Some companies have included front-facing stereo speakers in their recent smartphones, HTC, and its BoomSound speakers are usually considered among the better implementations, thus providing a more immersive experience. The Nexus 6P also includes two speakers in the front and while the Nexus 5X features two speaker grilles on the front, only the one at the bottom is dedicated to the speaker while the one at the top is for the earpiece.

Now, a user from XDA Developers named sshafranko has created a mod to make the earpiece in the Nexus 5X work as a secondary speaker, creating a stereo sound effect. Clearly, quality of the produced sound wouldn’t be as good as the one from a phone with two native speakers, but it could be a little better than the sound produced by the single speaker. The earpiece wasn’t meant to be used as a speaker, so there could be some damage if it’s used frequently. Still, the author of the mod mentions that he has been using it in several handsets over the past two years and none of his speakers have blown out. Most of the users that have installed it and made a comment say that the mod works fairly well

Installing the mod requires some degree of knowledge, as users would need to unlock the bootloader, install a custom recovery image such as TWRP and then flash the mod into it. So, unless you know exactly what you’re doing it’s not recommended to try this out. The necessary files are in the thread along some basic instructions. The earpiece won’t probably sound as loud as the dedicated speaker and some distortion might occur when raising the volume, so some users have made some further modifications to lower the speaker’s volume to create a better stereo sound effect.