Microsoft Launches 'Connections' To Help With Contact Management

Managing your contacts isn't necessarily an impossible task, but it can be a little bit tedious and every once in a while, time-consuming. Microsoft seems to want to change this with a new project app that's been released under their Microsoft Garage team, called Connections, which helps to take your contacts comprised of family, friends, and work colleagues and assist you in managing them with organizational aspects and relevant information in a meaningful and logical way. It tracks your daily interactions with contacts and aggregates all of that interaction data in one app for you to see everything in a consolidated view. While this already might sound useful to many people there is one caveat, it's currently only available in India at the moment.

Now the availability may change, but there is no mention of any details regarding the expansion of the app by Microsoft for now. For those users who reside within the available region where Connections has launched, there are a handful of potentially invaluable features at your disposal. Connections will allow you to add things like notes for specific contacts directly after a call or other form of correspondence, including incoming calls and messages. Connections also utilizes notes well by setting them up to remind you visually as they'll appear on the lockscreen for incoming calls as long as there is a note attached to that particular contact.If your friend owes you some money for a pickup

If your friend owes you some money for a pickup order for example, Connections would allow you to set up a note after a call where the pickup order was established, and the next time that contact calls back the note would appear on the lockscreen. You can also set up reminders about any contact at any time, and as a core goal of the app is to help you manage contacts and keep things organized, Connections lets you add tags to contacts so they're categorized into easy to find sections. Aside from Connections greatly functional offerings, the app is also likely to appeal to users visually thanks to the material design UI. Connections is a free app to download from the Play Store if you're in India.

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