Meizu Opens A Corporate Office In India, R&D Center Is Next

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Meizu is currently one of the fastest growing China-based smartphone manufacturers at the moment. This company has managed to increase their profit 540% in the second quarter of this year, which is simply staggering. They’ve also introduced a couple of really compelling devices this year, with PRO 5 being the latest and greatest of them. That being said, Meizu has also started selling their devices in India this year, which is a big step for them considering they were present in China exclusively up to that point. They’re already selling a number of devices in India, and it seems like Meizu is working on increasing their presence in the country.

The company has just opened up their corporate office in India, in the city of Gurgaon. Meizu intends to hire 100 people by the next financial year, until then, they’ve pulled some employees from their initial corporate office in Zhuhai, and they’ve already hired a couple of people from India. “With 46 functional customer service centers across 33 cities in India, the Meizu HQ in Gurgaon will play a pivotal role in expanding these services to 100 cities by 2016. We are also committed to providing future-ready products and services to the Indian customers. As a result we are currently scouting for a location to set up a R&D center, to serve our Indian customers with better and localized products,” said David Dong, Meizu India director.

Meizu has arrived to India by launching their MX5 flagship (at the time) back in August, and has since then pushed out the M2 Note and M2 handsets to India as well. Meizu has seen positive feedback from Indian consumers, and considering this is the second largest smartphone market in the world (trumped only by China), it’s no wonder Meizu wants to leave an impact there. This China-based company is definitely not the only one aiming for China, pretty much every well-known smartphone manufacturer has either already started selling devices in India, or plans to that soon. It will be interesting to see how will Meizu fare in India in 2016, but considering how well they’ve been doing thus far, 2016 might be their breakthrough year in that country, we’ll see.