MediaTek Helio X12 Outed As Hoax By Chinese Media

A few days ago, we reported on a rumor that MediaTek were working on a moderately refined and polished version of the Helio X10 chipset (also known as the MediaTek MT6795), tentatively called the MediaTek Helio X12 with a model designation of MT6795X. The MediaTek Helio X10 is based around eight ARM Cortex-A53 application cores configured in a big.LITTLE arrangement, with four clocked at up to 1.5 GHz and another four at 2.2 GHz. The Helio X12 was said to have eight cores of the same family, the ARM Cortex-A53, but clocked at up to 2.25 GHz. The source also went into some other detail surrounding the Helio X12 and how it would have a modernized modem giving access to Category 6 worldwide LTE networking covering up to fourteen bands, compared with eight for the Helio X10. The X12 would also use a more modern GPU giving access to more video technologies.

Furthermore, the MediaTek Helio X12 was also said to be pin compatible with the X10 but thanks to a more modern production methodology, had a claimed power consumption of around fifteen percent less. It would still be built on the 28nm process and could take on MediaTek's supermid-range System-on-Chipset status, relegating the X10. Here, the benefits to customers of a device running the X12 would be more about worldwide network compatibility and improved video performance, plus reduced power consumption, than the headline improvement in processor performance, which for the overwhelming majority of applications, would almost certainly be indistinguishable - applications would go from running on one or two ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 2.2 GHz to one or two ARM Cortex-A53 cores at 2.25 GHz.

Now, Chinese media website IT68 has posted a report citing that the MediaTek X12 rumors are fake. There is certainly logic in MediaTek developing a replacement, and mildly polished, X10 successor for the more value-orientated smartphones, but perhaps the alleged specification and feature set of the MT6795X are some way off the mark. It may be that the X12 represents an elaborate hoax, or perhaps MediaTek have been considering working on an improved, but still supermid-range, chipset and then shelved plans? Regardless, at the time of the X12 rumor, there were also stories circulating that Xiaomi were planning on releasing the Redmi 3 device based around this chipset. It still seems likely that Xiaomi are preparing a third generation Redmi device, although at this stage we do not have any indication as to what hardware this handset may be using. Perhaps as 2015 draws to a close and 2016 arrives, we will see some clarity regarding both Xiaomi's third generation Redmi device plans and MediaTek's new mid-range chipsets.

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