Lightsaber Escape Is Google's Immersive Star Wars Themed Game

Google Lightsaber Game 1

The new installment of the Star Wars saga is about to premiere in most theaters and it’s meant to be huge. Marketing is everywhere, including in mobile products, some apps are including themed elements such as the C3PO voice in Waze and Disney even created a VR experience for Google Cardboard. It’s no secret that Google loves to include Easter eggs and even mini-games according to some special dates. With Star Wars, Google has already offered features for fans of the franchise by including the iconic text crawl for specific terms and some customizations in some of their apps. Now, Google has created a game specifically for those who always wanted to use a lightsaber.

The game is called Lightsaber Escape and it is part of the Chrome Experiments website. These experiments are based on web-based technologies such as HTML5, providing whole new ways to interact with websites, some of them allow you to control what’s happening on the screen with your mobile device. The description of the game reads: “Wield your lightsaber to escape the First Order in an immersive web experience built for your phone and computer, inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. So basically, you will use your smartphone to control the lightsaber that is displayed on screen to deflect the light beams shot by the Stormtroopers.

The graphics are quite nice and there’s sound coming from your smartphone as well as from your computer, so the experience is quite immersive. To set things up, just go to https://lightsaber.withgoogle.com/ from your PC Chrome browser, where you will see a web address that you’ll have to visit from your phone. Your phone will then get calibrated in a vertical position and you just have to activate the lightsaber with the button on your phone. There’s a small tutorial and then the game begins. On the bottom right corner of the main page in Chrome for PC, you can adjust the quality of the graphics or select another language, above those controls you can share the experience through social networks, adjust the volume and make it full screen.