Nexus 5X Reportedly Melts In Pocket


Google created the Nexus lineup of devices partnering with some OEMs to show how their operating system should work, so these devices integrate some of the best components available. This year, two Nexus phones were released, Huawei's Nexus 6P is the more premium offering while the LG Nexus 5X is meant to offer a solid experience in a smaller size and at an affordable price. While reviewers have praised the Nexus 6P for its design, build quality and powerful internals, the Nexus 5X is often criticized for its uninspired design and its overall performance. This is kind of disappointing as other Nexus phones made by LG had always been very well received. Now, a Reddit user has mentioned that his Nexus 5X caught fire spontaneously.

The user AFChimpanse mentions that he started feeling the heat in the pocket where he kept the Nexus 5X, there was a frizzling sound and some toxic odor, a little later the phone became too hot for him to hold. When he was able to pick it up again, he noticed that there was a small hole in the back, just by the LG logo, and the plastic melted around it. He mentions that he owned the phone for just 11 days and he always used the included charger, plus, the phone wasn't plugged in when the incident occurred. While this is quite concerning, it is not exclusive to the Nexus 5X, a lot of phones from many manufacturers have caught fire with no apparent reason and some of those devices have even caused injuries to their owners.


Given the conditions, it seems that the cause could have been a faulty Li-ion battery. There haven't been any reports of other Nexus 5X catching fire, so we probably shouldn't blame this on LG and the whole production process of this phone. The cases of malfunctioning batteries are quite rare, but it seems that companies expect them at some degree due to the sheer number of devices that are shipped. Either way, while this is somewhat of a scary story, it is an isolated one and not one which should immediately raise concern for Nexus 5X owners.

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