Leak Confirms Jan 26 BlackBerry PRIV T-Mobile Launch


There is little doubting that the BlackBerry PRIV was one of the major talking points of this year. Prior to the launch announcement of the PRIV, this was a device which was subject to massive speculation and even once announced and released, the device received equal measures of criticism and praise. Either way and whichever side of the fence you fall on, when it comes to the PRIV, this was big Android news in 2015.

That said, for many, this is still a device which is largely unobtainable. At present, there are two clear routes for U.S. consumers to get a PRIV. The first is to fork outright for the device and pay a full unlocked price to pick one up. The other route is to get one on contract, although, this route has been so far reserved for AT&T customers only. Although, the latest information does seem to be suggesting that is about to change.


What is said to be a leaked image of T-Mobile's calendar of events in January seems to show that the PRIV will be arriving via the uncarrier next month. Specifically, the device will be launching on T-Mobile on January 26th. Of course, there has yet to be any official word from T-Mobile on the launch, but this is not exactly an unexpected move. As far back as November came word that T-Mobile were in talks to bring the PRIV to their network. Not to mention, it looks like it is not only T-Mobile who are preparing for a PRIV launch, as the device was also recently spotted passing through the FCC as a Verizon variant. So it does seem plausible that the January 26th date is one which is likely to be correct. Without word though coming through officially, the calendar image does not provide any further details on what the likely price of a T-Mobile PRIV will be. As such, proper availability and pricing details will have to be waited for a little longer. Interestingly, the actual calendar listing does detail the launch of the "BlackBerry Venice" which was the codename for the PRIV long before the actual name became known.

t-mobile Priv leak

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