Latest Android Video Is Here And It Is All Fingers


One of the more fun elements that the Android community and its members get to enjoy, is the various videos that Google and the Android team release every so often. These videos always come through when a new Nexus device is released or the latest Android operating system version is announced. Although, they also randomly come though at other times too. With the Holidays now here and Christmas Day just around the corner, you may be expecting a new Android video to surface. If that is the case, then you are in luck as a new video has now come through. Although, it is not your typical Android video.

The latest video is a big departure from what we normally get from Google in these Android videos and as such, you should not expect to see much in the way of Android-related products on show. In fact, there is not a tablet, phone, or wearable in sight throughout the ad. At least, not one which is obviously noticeable. That said, what the advert does focus on is fingers. More specifically, fingerprints. If you are wondering what the connection is, then the most notably connection is what has been a clear rise of fingerprint sensor and scanning technology being adopted by manufacturers and the wider industry over the past year. In fact, this was something which now comes with dedicated support in the latest version of Android, Marshmallow. So there is that connection.


Although, Google does seem to be playing on the notion that fingerprints are unique. Which presumably is a play on the notion of Android being so varied and offering consumers a variety of choices, manufacturers, carriers and devices to go with. In short, a more unique experience. Which again, plays into the 'be together, not the same' tag which Android recently adopted as its mantra. This is also the parting message as the video comes to an end. So whether it is this multi-layers meaning representing how unique Android devices are and their greater adoption of fingerprints or is just simply a fun Holidays video, it is one which is worth checking out. Hit the play button below.

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