Infographic Illustrates Some Uses Of Samsung's Galaxy View

samsung galaxy view AH 1

Since the sales of tablets have been declining, it seems that everyone is making something different with their recent offerings. Some companies have made larger tablets with more powerful processors to rival the performance of a laptop. Samsung made an even larger Android tablet called Galaxy View with a screen measuring 18.4-inches, but instead of focusing on productivity, the gargantuan tablet is meant for multimedia consumption. The company is calling this tablet a “movable display”, it features an integrated handle for easier transportation and the stereo speakers should provide a good audio experience. Samsung has already talked about the purpose of creating such product, but now the company has created an infographic explaining a few scenarios where the Galaxy View might be useful.

Basically, the company wanted to bring the mobility of a smartphone and the large screen experience of a TV to one product. The TV can’t be easily transported and the screens of smartphones are too small, so the Galaxy View fits right in the middle as it is light enough and its large screen provides an immersive experience that can be enjoyed within arm’s reach. They illustrate this with a woman following a recipe displayed on the tablet and a man enjoying a movie or TV show with the tablet sitting in the coffee table. The infographic also highlights some features like its wireless connectivity and the battery that lasts up to 8 hours of video playback.

The integrated handle also serves as a stand and users can set the tablet in two positions, one that’s meant to watch content and other meant to interact with the touch screen. The screen has Full HD resolution, just like the majority of the TVs and the 4W dual speakers are located on the sides of the tablet. The interface includes a home screen with large screenshots of movies and TV shows, so they can be found quickly. The Family Square app allows family members to share pictures, notes or reminders easily. Finally, the S Console is dedicated for gaming, so users can enjoy the powerful graphics of their favorite games on a larger screen and use their smartphone as a game controller.