Inbox Can Now Use Email Links on the Web

December 10, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

When you’re browsing a page, whether that be on a news site or any other site, there are hyperlinks. Not all of them lead you to a new web page though. Some are what we call “mailto:” links which have an email address and some times a subject line. The purpose of this is so that you can click that link and be taken to your email and email that person. Gmail has handled these links quite well for a while now. With Inbox being the new kid on the block, so to speak, it didn’t. Until today.

Inbox now is able to handle these email links on the web. So now you can select the icon in the address bar of that window or tab, and select to have Inbox handle the mailto: links or to deny it or even to ignore it for now. It’s pretty simple to set up, and there’s no reason not to allow it, unless you do still use Gmail from time to time instead of Inbox.

It is important to note that for now, at least, this only works in Chrome. As Firefox doesn’t have the option just yet. However that is likely something that will change in the very near future. And it’s probably the same case for other browsers like Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and others. It’s great to see that the Inbox team is still hard at work on Inbox, even though it’s no longer invite-only. There are plenty of features that still need to make their way to the Inbox app as well as the website that you access from the desktop. Those will likely come in due time as everything seems to do.

Inbox by Gmail launched last year, as a new way to use email. Seeing as email has evolved over the years, based on how we use email these days Inbox was created. So you can now have all of your vacation emails into one section. Emails from a forum or forums in another section, promotions, updates, etc. Making your inbox a bit less cluttered. That’s the main point of Inbox, and to make you a bit more productive.