IDC: Worldwide Smartphone Growth Slower Than Expected In 2015

December 4, 2015 - Written By John Anon

When it comes to the smartphone market, generally speaking, the consensus is that this is a market which is growing. More specifically, one that is growing fast and seeing little likelihood of slowing down drastically. While that is true and with the emergence of certain markets like India and China, smartphone sales are going to continue to be strong. However, if the latest data to come from the IDC is anything to go by, the growth of smartphone sales is slowing down. In fact, according to the data which was released yesterday, the IDC predicts that 2015 will see the first full year in which the Worldwide smartphone sales growth is in the single digit territory.

Up until this latest report, the IDC has suggested that smartphone sales for 2015 would see a growth year over year of about 10.4 percent for 2015 (which is a slow down in itself). So Although, only barely in the double digits, it was still in double digits. Now, the IDC has revised those figures and are now suggesting that smartphone sales for 2015 will actually come in at the lesser 9.8-percent figure for yearly growth. Again, although only barely below the double digit figures, it is still below.

In terms of what this means in real numbers. the IDC suggests the smartphones shipped for 2015 will see the number reach 1.43 billion (down from the previously predicted 1.44 billion). This further breaks down to reflect 1.16 billion Android devices, which will represent a less than the average (9.5-percent) level of year on year growth. Apple is predicted to see 226 million devices which will represent a much higher than the average (17.3-percent) year over year growth. In contrast, Windows Phone will ship 31.3 million, which will represent a decline of 10.2-percent year on year growth. While ‘Others’ represent 11.3 million units shipped, which equates to a decline of 17.1-percent year on year growth.

Along with the current predictions, the IDC also suggests how the market will likely look by 2019. In terms of the real numbers, it is expected that all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Others) will see growth compared to today’s figures. However, what is possibly more interesting, is the market share projected for 2019. By then, the IDC suggests Android will occupy 82.6-percent of the market, Apple 14.1-percent of the market, Windows Phone 2.3-percent of the market and ‘Others’ 0.9-percent of the market.

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