Holiday Tech Gift Ideas 2015-2016: Fitness Bands

Fitbit Surge Blue AH 1

We’re approaching the end of the year, and on New Years many people make resolutions to better themselves. One of the bigger resolutions or more popular ones, is to be more active, get back in shape, lose a few pounds, etc. But why wait until January 1st? You can start today, and picking up a fitness tracker for those on your shopping list is a great gesture as well. One of the reasons why is because it means you have someone to compete with which will motivate you to run that extra mile, walk another thousand steps each day. So lets check out three of the best fitness trackers available.

Jawbone UP Move


Some fitness trackers can be pretty pricey, the UP Move comes in at under $30. It’s a fitness tracker that you can clip to your waist or even just tuck in your pocket. The UP Move will track your activity as well as the calories you’ve burned each day. However it won’t track your sleep or your workouts, and that’s the price you pay for getting a less expensive fitness tracker.

Jawbone UP Move

Fitbit Charge HR


Fitbit has a ton of products available, all of which are really great. However if you want the best bang for your buck, the Charge and Charge HR are the ones to get. The Charge and Charge HR are largely the same with the only difference being price and the fact that the Charge HR can track your heart rate. They both have an LED display to show the time, your steps, how many floors you’ve climbed, etc. They both track your sleep automatically as well as the calories you burn off during the day. Both are great fitness trackers to pick up.

Fitbit Charge HR Fitbit Charge

Microsoft Band 2


You might be a bit surprised to see the Microsoft Band 2 on our list, but with it working with Android, iOS and Windows Phone it’s a great fitness tracker. Now this one can track your workouts in real time. So you can log all the weights your lifting and better yourself each day. It can also improve your golf swing and much more. It also does the normal fitness tracker stuff in tracking your runs, your steps, calories, and such.

Microsoft Band 2