GoPro Teases Drone with 360-Degree Camera

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GoPro has been very instrumental in the adoption of wearable cameras. GoPro cameras are used for all sorts of stuff these days, and there are all kinds of harnesses for them. Some for your dog, some for yourself as well as docks to put them in cars and other places. GoPro cameras are meant to be those rugged cameras that don’t make you cry when they hit the ground. Now, GoPro is supposedly working on a drone, called ‘Karma’. Many GoPro fans would definitely be interested in a drone from the company, and today they released a new video teasing the new drone. But it also teased the fact that the drone might have a 360-degree camera on board, which is going to be pretty amazing for film-makers and video editors out there.

Many people that have drones, strap a GoPro camera to it, so you can get some fantastic imagery, especially those that can fly for a decent amount of time. And to have GoPro create a drone, would be the ultimate dream. GoPro did confirm they are releasing a drone next year, called Karma. And we can’t wait to check it out. But even more exciting than the drone is the possibility of a 360-degree camera. Imagine shooting videos that can be seen with virtual reality viewers, from a drone. We are truly living in the future now.

Drones now have to be registered with the FAA, and this is so that everyone is kept safe, since these things can fly pretty high and get in the way of planes and such. Additionally, it’s a good idea to let the FAA know what’s flying in the skies here in the US. GoPro has already been working on 360-degree video with a few rigs that they have made, including the spherical looking on at Google I/O, which many of us were drooling over. There’s no word yet on what pricing might be for the Karma drone from GoPro, but you can pretty much bet that’s not going to be under $100 or even $500, especially with a 360-degree camera. We’ll have to wait and see.