Google Talks About The Redesign Of The New Chromecast


Google's Chromecast is a small device that could make your TV a little smarter with streaming capabilities. Users can use many apps and games that currently support Google Cast technology built for larger displays and offer interactions with other devices, or users can mirror their Chrome browser into the TV so they can watch videos that are not available in mobile platforms or other content. The first-generation Chromecast connected directly into the TV's HDMI port and Google recently introduced the second-generation Chromecast featuring a radically different design in some colorful options. The new Chromecast features a compact circular body and a short HDMI cable connects to the TV. The cable can be folded into the back of the Chromecast and a magnet holds it together, so it can be transported more easily.

The shape of the Chromecast Audio is very similar to the shape of the 2nd gen Chromecast, but it's colored black and the concentric circles make it resemble a vinyl record. This actually makes sense, as the records are directly related to music, but why did Google changed the design of the Chromecast to resemble a hockey puck? Business Insider interviewed one of Google's industrial designers, Kristen Beck, to find out more about the new Chromecast design.


The reason why they chose a circular design was to differentiate their device from the other "sticks" that offer similar functionality, plus, a research showed that some consumers confused the design of these "sticks" with flash memories that plug into a USB port, so they tried to use it in some places where a streaming device doesn't belong. Then again, the new design with a flexible cable makes it easier to plug it into wall mounted TVs. Basically, they wanted to create a device that represented the quirky spirit of Google while keeping it simple and approachable. She got asked why would they offer color options for a device that would be located behind a TV where most people would not see it. Beck answered that the color options create a "memorable experience", as people like to choose some colors when they give the Chromecast as a gift.

Chromecast Design Sketches

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