Google Store Giving Free Overnight Shipping Until Dec 22nd


The Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P represent the best Nexus devices that Google and their partners have ever put together, and we found out as much when we reviewed them. It's the last week before the big day for many, and with that comes a handful of companies looking to sell a few more items before the shipping cutoff, and the Google Store is not immune to the Holiday shopping, either. They're offering $50 off of the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P and even Android Wear watches like the Huawei Watch, making it a great time to get some last-minute gifts or simply treat yourself.

For those in North America, the Google Store is now offering free overnight shipping before December 22nd. Now, normally this sort of offer wouldn't be a big deal, but considering the Google Store charges for shipping on everything and anything they sell – regardless of price – this is a nice little bonus, especially if you're looking to get a Nexus as well as one of their fun, new fabric cases pictured on the 6P above. This year, there are two Nexus devices to choose from, with the Nexus 5X being the more manageable and more affordable of the pair, and the 6P being the big flag-bearer for the 2015 lineup.


There are other goodies available in the Google Store, including Android Wear watches, Chromebooks and a whole slew of accessories such as cases and replacement chargers. For those that are looking for a tablet of some sort, the new Pixel C has just launched in the Google Store, and is available to purchase at long last. With free overnight shipping, it might be the perfect time to get your hands on a shiny new Android tablet. We took a look at the Pixel C not too long ago, and we're putting together a full review right now, which should be available to read some time soon. If you're interested in what the Google Store has to offer, take a look at source link below and see if everything takes your fancy.

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