Google Seems Prepared To Dump More Efforts Into Fiber

Google Fiber

Dealing with slow internet is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to an internet junky. The last thing you want to run into is a slow internet connection. According to a new report, Google will began to push Google Fiber harder than ever so people can receive faster fiber optic internet in the US. Led by the former Qualcomm Exec Dennis Kish, Google Fiber was launched in Kansas City way back in 2010. Since then, Google Fiber has made its way to Austin, Nashville, and Salt Lake City. These places that Fiber has settled in are just small cities, but Google has made plans to test their fiber optic internet in LA and Chicago.

So what exactly gives us the idea that Google will get more serious about Google Fiber? Well it’s with their recent new hire to the company. Gabriel Stricker is the man that Google plans to lead their policy and communications group. With Google tending to the need of someone to run their policy and communications gives us the idea that Google Fiber will go from experiment, to reality. The goal that Google is shooting for is to take the concept of fast access internet and turn it into a big business. With Google being a huge content provider, it would make sense for them to offer faster internet, especially in a time where net neutrality is a big concern.

Going back to Google’s recent new hire, he isn’t as new as you think. Stricker once lead Google’s communications group during their “fast-growth” days. This was also during the time that Marissa Mayer and the Fight To Save Yahoo was going on. Stricker eventually left Google and went over to Twitters camp where he lead their communications policy team. His stay at Twitter didn’t last long with him packing his box of office gems earlier this year when Jack Dorsey became CEO again. Stricker recently took to Twitter to share his excitement with joining the Google team again. In his tweet he exclaimed that he will lead the policy and comms for Google Fiber to make the web a better and faster place for all.