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Every now and again, Google has a sweeping sale that places a good number of items in the Play Store on a heavy discount. Whether it's the commemorative ten-cent sale or a regular holiday sale like what's going on now, you can always expect to find some pretty good apps available at great prices. The list up for grabs this year is as follows.


Lara Croft GO, a whole new take on Tomb Raider, is on the list for $0.99. TellTale's excellent Minecraft Story Mode is down to satisfy your adventure cravings for $0.10. Lego Batman Beyond Gotham, an A+ mobile platformer, is up for $0.99. Controversial and beautiful puzzler Monument Valley is yours for $0.99. Hitman Sniper, a more detailed look through Agent 47's scope, is up for $0.50. The timeless and amazing Final Fantasy Tactics is half off, lying at $6.99.Square Enix also has Final Fantasy III on the map for $7.99.

EA's stellar NBA Jam shows up with a $0.10 price tag. Goofy, glitchy Goat Simulator is on board at $0.99. The acclaimed nation builder, Civilization Revolution, is available for $4.99. The bold Surgeon Simulator, sporting a cheery new icon, is up for grabs at $0.99. The fascinating and innovative Dark Echo is only $0.49. Gameloft's take on the modern war game, Modern Combat 4, is down to $0.99. Calming jigsaw Ravensburger Puzzle sits at $0.10. Benchmark game/thrilling racer Riptide GP2 is $0.49. Noodlecake's unique noir adventure Framed is down to $0.99. Disney's remade Castle of Illusion is on the list for $0.99.

Unorthodox war simulator "This War of Mine" touches down for $4.49. Critically lauded platformer Leo's Fortune is down to $0.99. A mobile adaptation of the board game known as "Splendor" is up for $0.99. The venerable Rayman Fiesta Run is on board this year with a price of $0.25. Strategy board game Small World 2 is on the list at $0.99 The new take on an old classic, Pac Man CE DX, is on sale for $0.99. Side-scrollling Motocross romper Joe Danger is at the $0.99 mark. Side-scrolling puzzler Sleeping Prince: Royal Edition is also at $0.99. Psychadelic, exploding arcade title Deep Under the Sky rounds out our list at $0.99.


Many good games are up for  grabs this year and even a couple of AAA titles. Word on how long this sale will last does not seem to show, however it is assumable that it will be until a bit after December the 25th.

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