Google Partners With PayPal Canada To Deliver Play Store Savings

AH PayPal 2

Google Play is full of fun games, movies, books, and many other apps that can keep you entertained for days on end. Your options are limitless and that is the reason why many users love the Play Store. Every so often Google will put a few items on sale or make some apps free when they’re usually paid. Now Google has taken another step and even teamed up with PayPal to deliver another great offer. Before everyone gets their hopes up, this deal is only for Canadian users. So if you just so happen to live in Canada, you are eligible to save some money as we close in on the biggest Holiday of the year.

Here’s how the deal works, if you spend $5 or more in the Google Play Store, you will instantly receive a $3 discount. How sweet is that? 3 bucks doesn’t sound like much but if you’re going to spend $5 in the Play Store, with a Canadian PayPal account you’ll only spend $2. This deal goes for anything that you purchase in the Play Store, whether it’s that new app your friends have been telling you about, or a movie that you would like to watch with your significant other. Keep in mind that this is only for Canadian PayPal users. PayPals Terms of Service state that if you would like to apply for this offer you will need a Canadian PayPal account.

So now that we know about the deal, here is how you can apply the discount to your purchase. Its really simple, all you have to do is select PayPal as your payment option during checkout. Once you have completed that, the discount of $3 will automatically be applied to your purchase and you are all set. You will also notice on your emailed receipt that PayPal applied the discount. If interested in this offer, you will of course need a Canadian PayPal account. You’ll need to hurry though because the deal will not last forever. January 1, 2016 will be the cutoff date for Canadian PayPal users to take advantage of this great offer, so any users that are interested will want to make a few hasty decisions on what to grab.