Google Launches Accelerator to Help New Mobile Startups Grow

AH Google Logo Chris 2015 31

Google has many services that cater to startups and developers that provide different resources to help their company grow. One service in particular is Launchpad, which is a program that provides technological resources and expertise to startups. From the early developmental stages, design of the app, and then the distribution, Launchpad is there every step of the way. Of course, there are different stages that the program offers like the Launchpad Week which offers support for start-ups in their early stages. There is also Launchpad Day and Launchpad Summits which is geared more towards the later developmental stages of the company. Google has now added another activity to their Launchpad service which is dubbed Accelerator.

Launchpad Accelerator is a nifty new program that substantially helps out new startups. The program is six months long and offers a lot of help. To start, you get equity-free funding from Google. Money is an important aspect when it comes to preparing and developing a new idea and Google provides that with up to $50,000 per startup. Next up, Google flies your team out to Silicon Valley for 2 weeks where you will get training from Google experts. In addition, you will get access to engineers and mentors during your extensive six months. The goal for Accelerator is to basically give companies everything Google has to offer and help new startups reach their full potential.

As of right now the Accelerator Program is only offered in Brazil, India, and Indonesia. The first group of startups that have entered the program will start January 18th in Mountain View, California. The second week all expenses paid trip will consist of an intense programming course. Once the course is complete, the teams from the 20 pre-selected startups will head back home where the rest of Google’s mentorship continues. Google plans to expand Accelerator beyond the three countries they currently serve. Google also is accepting new applications for the next wave of startups which will be held in the middle of 2016. Google knows that people have great ideas, so the search giant wants to empower the people who come up with these ideas with all the resources they need to succeed.