Google Improves Media Searches On Android Devices

Many of Google Android's products and services are something of a hybrid between an on-device and a cloud-based system. The device itself needs either the latest, or a reasonably current, version of the application in question but much of the hard word is performed by Google's cloud systems. This has several advantages for customers and Google. For customers, it improves the quality of the given product or service once a compatible version of the application is on the device, but should the application not be the latest version it will still perform as designed. Where a service uses a cloud based system, this means that Google can improve the service released to large numbers of customers quickly and simply by a change in their back end systems. The Google Search application is one such example - the Android application is responsible for a number of on-device features including integration with Google Now as well as some Google Now Launcher effects, plus of course providing customers with the results of any search performed.

Google have constantly been working on their mobile products and Search is the product at the core of their offering. The company have recently published an update on their blog detailing an improvement to the Google Search service results concerning artists, actors, movies or television shows. The Search results will now show additional information as a part of the normal search results, and the feature will be unlocked with the latest update to the Google Search application for Android, available now. The feature will also be coming to the iOS platform but it is not yet ready. Google's enabled content includes recommendations for similar content based on the song, movie or television show searched for. For songs, it can provide lyrics and information about covers. There are tabs to play music by a particular artist using whatever recognized music applications on the device. For television series, the Search results make it easier to explore past and upcoming episodes, too. For movies, there's information about the cast and information on where it's showing near you.

This update is about helping customers discover more information about a given topic than currently readily available - it's a great way to use Google for smarter searches. It is also another way for Google to keep customers away from third party applications and instead using their browser, as previously one might have downloaded another application for information about a television series or movie, as this was quicker than browsing to the mobile website. It is in Google's interests to keep people using their browsers and the Google Search engine rather than using third party applications as this increases the information gathered from customer use.

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