Google Gives Out Tips For A More "Cheery" 2015 Holiday Season

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Everyone anticipates holiday season, as it is a time when families gather around and spend some quality time together. Google has many products across many platforms, and now the company is recommending some of them to make things a little more simple this time of the year. Most of them will be available in mobile platforms like Android or iOS as downloadable apps and some of them are available on desktop computers as apps and also accessible on browsers.

Starting with Google Maps, even if users know how to get from one place to another, they could use the dynamic routing based on real-time traffic updates and predictions to get there faster and avoid holiday traffic, plus the “Explore around you” feature can recommend restaurants or cafes for any meal. Google Photos can help you find specific photos to make greeting cards or just share them by tapping on the blue button on the bottom right corner, it will show some categories or you could search by tags or specific words. There’s a new app called Santa Tracker, each day from December 1st to December 24th, some games and activities will be available to learn more about holiday celebrations around the world. One of the uses for Google Sheets could be to organize details about family travel plans such as flight details, and it could be shared with each family member.

Google Now can show information regarding your flight and traffic information to get on time at the airport, just open the app or say “Ok Google” to see those particular cards, additionally, you can ask the app about the weather in natural language to know how to dress up for the day. You can scan documents like gift lists, using the Google Drive app, to have it accessible from any device. A smartwatch with Android Wear can help you exercise during the holidays, just pair it with your Google Fit app on the phone to see your daily or weekly activity. Users can set some reminders by time or location with Google Keep such as gift ideas, and the app will remind you when you’re near that specific store. Gmail can help you sort all of the promotional material in a dedicated tab. With Google Calendar, you can create an event and add some people, so they will get notified if something changes. Chrome for Android can sync tabs so you could finish something if you get interrupted when working on the computer. You can create a Google Form to get information about your contacts. Inbox organizes your email about purchases to make it easier to track your order.