Google Docs, Sheets & Slides On Android Gain Template Support

December 15, 2015 - Written By John Anon

There has been a number of announcements coming from Google today and mostly all to do with updates that are rolling out to their various apps and services. Android Pay has seen in-app purchasing support being added, while Now on Tap is also seeing an update rolling out which brings with it support for flight and package tracking as well as support for six additional languages. Following on from those updates and it looks like an update is also en route this week to Google’s more office based apps, Docs, Sheets and Slides.

In terms of the latest update to Docs, Sheets and Slides, at the moment, there is only one known feature, although, for those who have been waiting on it, it will be very much a welcomed addition. The new feature is the inclusion of templates in the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps. As such, once the update arrives, those who use the apps for any document processing will be able to take advantage of easy to load and quick templates to get their docs up and running much quicker. This is a feature which has been available to those who use any of the Google document apps on desktop and as such, is an example of Google bringing the app functionality more in line with the desktop version. To make use of the latest template feature, all you have to is open either the Docs, Sheets or Slides app and hit the “+” sign in the bottom corner of the screen. From here, click on “Choose template”and then of course, pick the template that you would like to start using.

At the moment, there are little to no detail as to whether there is anything else of substance in the latest update as Google has not officially released a full announcement. Instead, the details of the latest template feature were announced through a posting on Google+. As a result, it is possible that the update contains some more features which will come to light when a full changelog is released. Or of course, once the update reaches more devices and reports come in.