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When it comes to the performing arts it can be difficult to find the time and see a performing orchestra or a famous play by a famous group. Getting the time off or traveling pretty far can be difficult, and Google understand this, which is why they've put together an immersive online exhibition of famous acts and buildings around the world, many of which have 360-degree video to fully immerse yourself in the acts as they're happening, live on stage. The Cultural Institute was set up by Google in 2011, and since then it's proven a big inspiration for those that can't make it there in person, and with this latest step they take things even further.

As the team notes on their blog, the new Performing Arts exhibition from the Google Cultural Institute allows users to experience dance, drama and music from over 60 different organizations all over the world. Highlights include a 360-degree video of the Berliner Philharmoniker rehearsing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, letting the music speak for itself as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra's performance of Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King"  at the Carnegie Hall. All of this is exciting and shows a lot of promise for the performing arts, something that has struggled over the past few decades. For a lot of people, something like the orchestra or interpretive dance feels either out of reach or "uncool". With Google's latest use of mapping technology and virtual reality tech, young people can experience these things for themselves in privacy, and those unable to make it to their favorite performance can relive it at their leisure.

For those interested in this new venture from Google, they can go ahead and take a look at the source link below and see what takes their fancy. With 360-degree cameras, such as Nokia's Ozo solution becoming more commonplace and available, this sort of thing is only going to become more popular and hopefully inspire more to go and support the performing arts wherever they might be.


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