Google App On Marshmallow Lets You Take & Share Screenshots


Google is always looking for ways to make their mobile app more useful. What started as a shortcut for finding information from the Google search engine, now provides customized information even before a user starts typing for a certain term. This was introduced with Google Now on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, as users would get relevant information and suggestion based on their location or data gathered from Gmail, Calendar and some other sources. The app can even show information from third-party apps, as they can now be integrated into it. With Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google introduced Google Now On Tap, which is able to scan the displayed content for search terms or keywords to provide additional information, suggestions and the possibility of performing some related actions.

Since the app is already able to scan any screen, the app is being updated including the ability to take a screenshot and share it in many ways. The UI of Now On Tap is based on cards, similar to how the information on Google Now is displayed, and the card at the bottom lets you open the Google app and it has a menu for adjusting settings or sending feedback. With the updated app, you'll see a share button at the left of the card at the bottom. This button automatically takes the screenshot (without the Google app elements and the notifications bar and software buttons) and lets you share it through a variety of ways, just like you would share any other file. The screenshot is not saved on your phone, so it doesn't take unnecessary space.


This functionality can be found on the beta version which started rolling out yesterday, although some users have commented that it's not available even in that version, so perhaps it will be added a little later from the servers. This functionality requires a device running Marshmallow, obviously. Taking screenshots in Android is possible by pressing the volume down key and the power button at the same time, but this might not be as easy to do in larger devices. This functionality can also be activated by gestures or some additional commands in some Android skins, but it's nice to have this built-in on the Google app.

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