Google Shows Off 'Tap to Translate', System-Wide Translation


All of Google's apps and services have been evolving quite rapidly recently. This is not surprising really thanks to the big updates like Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) coming through. Speaking of which, when Marshmallow was first released, some of the features on offer with the update were immediately picked up on. One of them was specifically to do with the way in which Google Translate works. To recap, users are able to translate in-app content simply by copying text and then hitting translate on a menu which appears.

In India today, Google has been showing off an extension of this feature which is being dubbed 'Tap to Translate". In short, the big news is that Google Translate looks to be adopting a much more integrated use on Android devices in general. According to the details coming trough, Android device owners will be able to translate any content on their Android device. Once again, content which needs to be translated can simply be highlighted. Once this occurs, a new Google Translate branded pop up window appears with the translation on show.


Although, this seems very similar to the Marshmallow implementation already noted (and it is), the difference here is that the third-party app content was far more limited and required the feature to be included at the end (app) level. It seems that this latest version will operate more at the core level and will work with any app or any aspect of your phone. It will essentially be a system-wide feature. More importantly, so far there are no indications to suggest that Tap to Translate will only work with the latest and greatest versions of Android and therefore, raises the possibility that it could be backwards compatible with earlier versions. Of course at the moment, besides the announcement in India, there has been no official word from Google on Tap to Translate and as such, there are currently no details on whether this feature will roll out in all regions or what languages will be supported. Although, of course, it is scheduled to be released in India with reports stating it will arrive for Android devices owners in the region, in the first quarter of 2016.

Google Tap to Translate

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