Gear VR Gets Treated To Yahoo's Flickr App In Virtual Reality


Yahoo is best known for their online search engine, but they have their hand in a number of other products and services across multiple platforms as well, including photo storage with Flickr. Yahoo's 'Flickr' service already has apps available on Android and other mobile platforms as well as a web interface for people on desktop, and today Yahoo has announced they're bringing the Flickr experience to users in virtual reality through Samsung's Gear VR headset, allowing for a full 360 degree experience of the most popular Flickr photos in the most immersive way imaginable. Since this is meant for Gear VR, it's also only something that is compatible with Samsung smartphones, as these are the only devices which Gear VR is currently working with.

Should you fall into this category, you can download and install the Flickr VR app on your Gear VR headset and delve into a world of what Yahoo states is a collection of "tens of thousands of 360-degree photos" which they've gathered over the years thanks to the uploads from users. Upon opening the application, viewers are greeted with a "carousel" of 360-degree images which Yahoo has curated, so users can be sure they're getting to see the most breathtaking pictures of the lot.


Flickr VR joins a growing library of content on Gear VR and opens up the possibility that other virtual reality headsets could soon see a compatible application for the same kind of experience, although nothing has been specifically mentioned in regards to the nature of such a project, beyond the fact that Yahoo has plans for "new experiences" with 360-degree photos through VR headsets as well as web and mobile platforms. For now, though, this is strictly a Gear VR service. The good news is that although Yahoo hasn't mentioned anything definitive, it seems that they at least have plans to introduce something for other VR headset types. Which ones remains to be seen at the moment but it's likely that if they did release an app that works with other models, those based on Google Cardboard would be included as would other up and coming models like the HTC Vive, and potentially the Oculus Rift since it's the closest experience to Gear VR.

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