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Samsung recently rolled out a beta Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge for a limited crop of users in the U.K. Registration for the beta has ended with no word on a release date for the official update in the U.K. or anywhere else, or if there will be any changes between now and the final release. For the time being, the update has rolled out to everybody it's going to roll out to. For those in other regions or who missed out on the beta, SamMobile has taken the time to put together a photo gallery showcasing the sweeping changes in the update.

As you can see in the absolutely colossal gallery below, TouchWiz has taken on a whole new look. Scaled back just a teensy bit more toward stock Android, it's picked up a brand new white color scheme for the quick toggles and status bar, replacing the highly divisive teal that TouchWiz has sported since the KitKat days. Icons are now flat, more in line with Material Design guidelines, rather than the poppy 3d-ish effect seen previously. Some of Samsung's own app icons have been redesigned from the ground up, as well. On top of some icon redesigns, the vertical app drawer from Marshmallow is now a part of the TouchWiz launcher. The power menu has been given a minimalist redesign, making it much simpler to use. In the theme store, you can now download themes based on overarching color scheme, so those in the mood for some pink, yellow or red menus and icons will no longer have to hunt around to get their fix. As a nice touch, the default camera app has been given a shutter speed option, but only in Pro Mode.


Marshmallow mainstays from Google, such as Google Now On Tap, Doze and the new permission management system are on board as well. Under-the-hood tweaks are all there, although the gallery does not seem to reveal whether or not Marshmallow's work-in-progress multi-window is available through the developer options or if Samsung's own multi-window made its way over from tablets and the Galaxy Note series.

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