Fleksy To Be Preinstalled On ZTE Devices With New Partnership

December 17, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Stock keyboards have certainly gotten better over time, but they still lack quite a few features that other third party keyboards offer. Like Fleksy’s learning capabilities for example, which allow you to let the keyboard learn and pick up some of your speech so it can better predict what you’ll type next, helping you text faster and getting the messages out quicker while still being accurate. Typically, with most smartphones when you get them out of the box you’re left with the touch keyboard options that are developed by the software teams for the brand of the device, but luckily for ZTE device owners, they’ll get the chance to experience the speed and accuracy that Fleksy offers thanks to a new partnership between the two companies.

This is a big win for both Fleksy and ZTE, as Fleksy gets exposure to more devices which in turn puts their keyboard solution into more hands, and ZTE gets to offer one of the most popular third-party keyboard options on the market to their customers making for an all around great typing experience. This includes the full set of content from Fleksy of course, which includes tons of emojis, extensions like gif keyboard, imojis, shortcuts, the number row and more. It also means that ZTE users will get quite a few free themes to customize their keyboard with right out of the box, although there will also be plenty of other themes available at a premium cost if they choose to purchase them.

Both Fleksy and ZTE appear to be extremely excited about the partnership, with ZTE CEO Adam Zeng stating that they’re “delighted to work with Fleksy to bring an award winning typing interface to their customers.” While Fleksy is already free, having the keyboard preinstalled allows customers of ZTE smartphones to forego the process of having to download the keyboard. Along with the laundry list of features that Fleksy already offers to users like the huge list of themes and multi-language support, the partnership with ZTE will include Fleksy’s recently added theme builder which lets users build their own theme with photos, colors and effects for a truly customized look. This infinitely expands the amount of themes that users have at their disposal, and Fleksy is always adding in new themes as well. As Fleksy continues to develop their Chinese language support which is nearly completed, this new partnership should help them grow in their user adoption as they look to expand into the Chinese market, as ZTE is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China.