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What with Star Wars hitting theaters the world over, and a new Star Trek announced for next year, it's a good time to be a Sci-Fi fan. One thing that all Sci-Fi fans can agree on is that the genre lends itself to some pretty awesome games, and within that a number of different types of games as well. Strategy works well with Sci-Fi, so does adventure and of course action. So here, we're going to list 10 of the best Sci-Fi games for Android.

N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

Halo isn't available on Android and so that leaves us with the Gameloft model, if you can't make it, clone it! In all seriousness, the N.O.V.A games have provided players with a host of fun shooting activities for years now, and while it won't please everyone, they feature good graphics and some decent action as well. With so much on offer for shooter fans, it's hard not to find something to do when playing Gameloft's Halo...homage.


Fancy yourself a steampunk fan? Then Machinarium is a fun, attractive platformer that you'll probably enjoy. It might have been around for some time now, but it's still great Steampunk adventure game, and the story of saving Josef's girlfriend is something many of us can relate to, and is a little more lighthearted than your usual fare in these Sci-Fi games.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD

Galaxy on Fire 2 will remind certain players of the excellent PC game, Freelancer. Otherwise, it's a fun game for Android that looks great and has a wide variety of different missions and ships to pilot in a fully-realized 3D world with a 100 or more different planets. You can purchase your own space station, and while these sort of games won't be everyone, if you're looking for an ELITE substitute while on the move, this should serve you well.

Star Wars: KOTOR

BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic was one of the best Star Wars games of the early 00's, and now it's available on Android. Great on Android tablets as well as phones with a gamepad, this is a faithful port of the original. An excellent Star Wars game for fans of both the prequels and original films, this has its own story that channels a lot of what those six films offer, while adding in its own story. KOTOR allows players to explore both the light and dark sides of the force, dual-wield two lightsabers and if you don't want to, you don't even have to play as a Jedi all the time.

Star Trek: Trexels

We haven't forgotten about you Trekkies, either! This is a great Star Trek game that is all about that TNG vibe, with LCARS, questionable space uniforms and graphics to fit the era it was produced. With combat and exploration akin to PC games of the time, Trexels is a good deal of fun, and it has a lot to offer a good portion of fans that are looking for something a little different.


If action games aren't your style, then Lifeline is a game that should offer up something a little more your pace. An atmospheric game that puts you behind the communicator connected to Taylor, the sole remaining member of a crew that crash landed on an Alien moon Lifeline is a story written by Dave Justus. It asks you to take choices while feeding him information, your objective is to help him survive, and choice is a driving factor behind the entire game, which will now carry over onto an Android Wear smartwatch.

Anomaly 2

We're back with action here now, and Anomaly 2 might be getting a little old in the tooth, but it's a game that's filled with a sort of StarCraft vibe. It's top-down action and it takes on a number of different Sci-Fi tropes to deliver a fairly compelling story that has a lot to offer players no matter their skill or what sort of games they've enjoyed before. It's perhaps a little on the pricey side, but to take a little StarCraft with you, this is the sort of game that Android users will enjoy.

Last Horizon

Last Horizon is a game that puts you in the pilot seat of the last ship of a dying civilization in search of pastures new. Each of the planets that appear on your travels are all procedurally-generated and while the graphics are a little on the light side of things, there's a lot on offer here. This is a game that's good fun for those that enjoy space exploration above all else, but it is a little pricey.

Out There: Ω Edition

If the other adventure games here weren't enough for you, then Out There is like playing through a comic book of some sort. There's a whole lot on offer here, with a serious challenge underneath it all, as well as some excellent music. Difficult, but without being too difficult, Out There puts you in the shoes of an awakened astronaut, giving you all the exploration that you'd want from such a game as well.

Star Wars: Commander

Another Star wars game here, Commander is a sort of fortress game that allows players to build their idea base, take on the Empire or crush Rebel Scum all over the galaxy. It's a nice game that bridges the game between Return of the Jedi and the Force Awakens as well as something that fans should find compelling to play regularly.

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