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Running is something that we should all be doing everyday, but many of us don't. It helps you stay in shape, and it definitely helps clear your mind before you start your day. There are a number of Android apps out there that help with getting the most out of your run, here are a few of our favorites.

Runtastic Running & Fitness

We can't talk about running apps without taking Runtastic. This is one of the best apps around, and it's only gotten better with time. With Runtastic you can track where you ran, as well as how fast and there is also a voice coach that will help you run even further by motivating you to go that extra mile. It does use your phone's GPS, so battery will drain a bit while you're running, and it also supports Android Wear.

Nike+ Running

Here's another great app to track your run. What's even cooler is that it'll give you the lifetime miles you've run as well as your average pace, and your total runs. To see just how good you really are. It will also track all that for individual runs as well as track where you ran. So you can see exactly how far you've run today and where.

Adidas train & run

Adidas also has a great app for helping you train to run a marathon, a 5K or whatever the case may be. It will help you run more efficiently and in the long term run even faster. It can track your pace as well as how many calories you have burned on that run. Making it a pretty good way to push yourself to do better the next time.


Much like Runtastic, Runkeeper is another one that is largely popular. It also uses your phone's GPS to track where you are running and also find out how fast you are running. Runkeeper can also compare your current run to your previous runs and see how you are stacking up compared to earlier on in the week. Pretty neat.

Run with Map My Run

Map My Run is part of Map My Fitness which is owned by Under Armor and they have a few other really useful apps that you should check out. But with Map My Run, you are able to obviously, map your run, but also see how you performed on that run. Because you always want to run a bit faster or a bit further everyday, so you can get better and better. And Run with Map My Run allows you to do just that.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava is another great app for tracking your running, and it also can track your cycling, for those of you that like to go out cycling each morning. It does also use your phone's GPS so it will drain your battery a bit. Strava will track your current pace as well as how far you've gone. Inside the app you can see where you ran each day as well, which is pretty neat.

Endomondo Running and Walking

Are you just going out for a walk instead of running? Endomondo can do both. It will track your walking or running and see your pace as well. If your phone or Android Wear device has a heart rate monitor it can track your heart rate while you're running as well as the calories you've burned while running. Pretty impressive that it uses other hardware.

Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Like a few of the others on this list, this one can also track your cycling. It will track where you ran, how far you ran as well as your pace. It can also track the calories that you burned off while running, always important. It's a great looking app, and one that would be great to use on your next run.

Couch to 5K

Not to much a running specific app, but this app will help you get in shape a bit. The app can train you from going from sitting on the couch to running a 5K in just over two months. By running 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for 9 weeks. It's pretty simple, and the results are pretty amazing as well.


Rounding out this list is the Fitbit companion app, which, is also not entirely a running app, but with the latest update for the Charge, Charge HR and the Surge, Fitbit can now automatically track your runs, and other workouts. Fitbit is generally a bit more accurate as well, at keeping track of how far you've gone as well as your pace. With the Fitbit Charge HR and Surge, it will also keep track of your heart rate during this workout.

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