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Cameras on smartphones have gotten so, so much better over the past few years, and with that has come a whole lot of photos. Keeping on to these precious memories and moments can be a challenge, no matter how much storage we seem to have on our smartphones, things can go wrong. Imaging losing a smartphone with all your moments from college and no off-phone backup? Well, thankfully there are tons of options to both keep your photos organized, as well as make sure that you never lose a moment ever again. here are 10 of the best options to do just that.


Dropbox is one of the first words anyone thinks about where Cloud Storage is concerned. For photographers though, their camera upload feature is excellent. Not only does it automatically upload any photos you take on any of your devices, but it also automatically renames them to simple date filenames. Full-resolution files are the aim of the game here, and as long as you have the space in your Dropbox, you can keep everything and access it anywhere on any device.

Piktures - Photo Album Gallery

Piktures is an Android app that's designed to offer a lot of extra features all in a neat and easy to use package. With this users can resize images to make them easier to share and a quick way of removing your location data. Speaking of which, this gallery app offers a way of sorting through your images purely by location from the side menu, and it's all put together using a good-looking Material Design look and feel.

Clone Buster

Clone Buster is exactly hat it says it is, it hunts down and finds duplicate images on your smartphone or tablet and then busts them, by giving you the opportunity to delete them from your device. This is a great way of getting rid of extra images from a burst of shots or just cleaning up after the littles ones have been messing around with those camera apps.


Flickr has been around for years now, and it's an established part of the web. A year or so ago now, they came out and revamped the service to better service those looking to keep their photos safe and organized. Of course, the upshot is that users can connect with others and share their own masterpieces with the world as well. It's a great network, and it causes users to take their own work a little more seriously.

Amazon Photos - Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive has been available for a good while now, but it's really come into its own with the introduction of dedicated photo apps like these. This adds to the already existing services that Amazon offers such as their app store and Prime Instant Video and Prime Music. Amazon Photos - Cloud Drive gets you 5GB of storage to work with, and it's good for the whole family, especially those that have a few Kindle Fire tablets lying around the house as everyone can access these photos no matter what.

FOTO Gallery

FOTO Gallery is a fun and easy to use offline Android app that works well and helps users to organize their photos a little better. It's free to download and use and it allows users to create photo albums with custom covers, share photos to a nearby Chromecast or Android TV and it's just a nice and simple approach to looking at the photos on your device. Free album creation makes it nice and easy to create a collection of memories no matter where or how they were taken.

Google Photos

Google Photos has been around for a while now, and it's one of the most comprehensive methods of organising your photos. Period. Using clever machine learning, you can simply search for words like "sunsets" and it will find your own shots of the setting sun, with no need for manual tags or anything like that. It's free to use as well, but only up to "high-quality", if you want to keep the original, you will probably end up purchasing more Google Drive space. The good thing is that this isn't just your phone, but your PC, your laptop and whatever else you want to add to Google Photos.

QuickPic Gallery

QuickPic has been around for a long time, but it was recently purchased by Cheetah Mobile, which is a good or bad thing depending on your outlook. Either way, the app is still nice and speedy, easy to use and full of options to upload and sync photos elsewhere, including the new CM Cloud that can offer a lot of free space to users. An established choice, QuickPic is an oldie, but a goodie.

Tidy - Photo Album

TIDY is a smooth, slick and calming way of simply organizing your photos on your device. Designed to feature as little interface as possible, TIDY is nice and clean and lets your content stand out above all else allowing you to enjoy it in a purer way. TIDY groups photos together by shapes, places and it makes it as simple as swiping left and right between your folders to look at all of your memories.

Gallery by Flayvr

What used to be known as Flayvr is now just Gallery, and it's one of the slickest replacements for your default Gallery app going. There's now a big Android Wear part to the app with MyRoll, and it's one of the best ways of managing your photos. A great, clean and good-looking app that has all the features you'd want, this is such better than the default apps that come with many Android phones.

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