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It is Christmas week and that does mean that by the end of the week, the big day will be here and everyone will be busy opening their presents. With the day so close now, you might be finding yourself feeling a little more festive than normal and if that is the case, then you also might be on the lookout for a new app to bring a touch of the festive season to your smartphone. Thankfully, there are a number of wallpaper apps designed to do just that. In fact, as well as the numerous wallpaper apps that are available, there are also quite a large number of dedicated Christmas wallpaper apps too and here are ten of those Christmas-inspired wallpaper apps to check out.

Christmas Wallpaper

Kicking off the list today is the aptly named 'Christmas Wallpaper' app. If you're looking for a nice wallpaper which sums up Christmas with a traditional fireplace and Christmas scene, then this is the app to check out. This is a live wallpaper app so aspects of the scene will be interactive.

Christmas Live Wallpaper Free

Next up is Christmas Live Wallpaper and this is another live wallpaper app, although the emphasis on this one is strictly the Christmas tree. If you like your trees sparkling, then this is a great app to have installed for the big day. This one also does provide a countdown so you know how long remains until Christmas, although, this close to the big day, you might not need that feature.

Christmas Wallpaper

Next on the list is another app entitled Christmas Wallpaper although, the emphasis this time around is on a more outdoors type of Christmas-inspired wallpaper. If you like your snow, snowmen and outdoor Christmas trees, then this is the one to check out.

Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper

Beautiful Christmas Wallpaper is another Christmas wallpaper inspired app although, the wallpapers in this app are a lot more animation-based and would probably be great for the younger device users. That said, this one also does come with a ton of non-Christmas wallpapers too, so once the big day is over, you should be able to find another wallpaper as well.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

As the big day approaches all eyes will be on the night sky to try and catch a glimpse of Santa and Rudolph as they pass by. With that in mind, this app is a live wallpaper app which focuses on Santa and his reindeer traveling the night sky. This is a 'Lite' version, so do expect in-app purchases for additional content/unlocking.

Snowman Christmas Wallpaper

One aspect which is highly associated with Christmas is snow. Although, for many, snow is not likely to be something they encounter often during Christmas. Well, with this app, everyone can bring some snow to the device. If snowmen are more what you are looking for, then this is the app to check out.

Christmas Live Wallpaper

This wallpaper app looks a lot like the first one on the list and that is because it is from the same developer. As a result a number of the aspects like the general fireplace theme are again in play. However, this is a different app and does come with some notable differences like the sleeping cat by the tree. Either way, both are worth checking out to help you choose the right live wallpaper to match your needs, cat lover or not.

Christmas Rink Live Wallpaper

This wallpaper app is a little different to the rest on the list, as the theme for this one is ice skating. As a result all the wallpapers on offer depict Christmas scenes but ones which revolve around the ice rink. Looking for a slightly different Christmas wallpaper, this might be the one.

Winter and Christmas Wallpaper

Next up on our list is an app which looks to not just focus on Christmas but the winter months in general. Therefore, the common theme here is snow. That does not mean there are no Christmas trees though, as there are lots of them. Complete with interactive falling snow too.

Winter Cat Live Wallpaper

Closing out the list today is Winter Cat Live Wallpaper and this app is likely to not need much of an introduction. Love Christmas? Love Cats? Looking for a new wallpaper? Then this is it.

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