Featured: Top 10 Best Car Rental Apps for Android

December 4, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

When traveling, it’s often a great idea to rent a car, this way you can drive to where you need to be without relying on public transit or shelling out a ton of cash for a taxi. There are several car rental apps available for Android, but which ones are the best ones to use? That’s what we are here to talk about today.


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Hotwire is a pretty popular app for finding hotels, but you can also use it for renting a car. Once more, you can rent a car and book a hotel room together and save even more money. Hotwire can get you up to 60% off hotel rooms and rental cars, and get you a rental car for as low as $12.99 per day. Not a bad price at all.



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One of the more popular rental car places around, at least in the US, is Enterprise. And their app is fantastic. With their app, you are able to find a car and book it ahead of time. Find locations where you can rent a car from as well as have Enterprise come and pick you up (you know, like the commercial?). Enterprise has over 7000 locations around the world. So wherever you are traveling to, there is likely an Enterprise nearby.



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Not sure which company you’re going to get a rental car from? Then Rentalcars.com is the best choice. As you can compare prices at different companies and get the best price. You can also pick your car with your phone, and search over 43,000 locations for a car that suites your needs.


Avis Car Rental

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Another popular car rental company is Avis, and they have a great fleet of cars available as well. With the Avis app, you can find locations nearby (whether at the airport or in your neighborhood), as well as book a car rental ahead of time, and browse the cars that Avis has available for rent. All from their app, making it a seamless experience.


Budget Car Rental

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Like Avis, Budget is also known for their lower cost car rentals. And their app also allows you to find and book a car without needing to visit the location. Speaking of locations, Budgets car rental app also allows you to find a location near you, or near where you are traveling too. You can also view all of your reservation details in the app.


National Car Rental

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National Car Rental also has a pretty sweet app, allowing you to find locations near you as well as looking for a car and reserving one for you, for all of your travel needs. The app also shows you your rewards as well as directions to where your car is in the lot. Making the app a must have, especially if you rent cars frequently.



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This is another great app for finding flights, hotel rooms and rental cars together. Typically when you find them together you can get a bigger discount. Skyscanner will find you the best rates on rental cars as well. Whether that be from Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, National, or another company. It also finds the best fares on a load of airlines.



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Like Skyscanner, Expedia can also find you the best rates for flights, hotel rooms and rental cars. Making it a breeze to plan your vacation, as well as save some money on that vacation. Expedia also works with rental car companies to bring you the best deals on renting a car. What else could you ask for, really.



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Hertz also does rental cars, and they have plenty of locations nationwide, so wherever your travels take you, you should have a Hertz nearby. With the Hertz app, you are able to find a location, as well as get directions to that location. Additionally, you can find a car and book that car for your vacation, or business meeting, or whatever it might be.



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Priceline also combines flights, hotel rooms and rental cars together to give you the best possible price on a package. And booking all three together will typically get you a cheaper price than booking separate. With the app you can choose what car you want to rent as well as the hotel and flight.