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If you're reading this just after Black Friday or after Christmas, then there's a good chance that you've got your hands on a shiny new smartwatch running Android Wear. Google's version of Android for smartphones has only been around for a year and a half now, but there are some great apps available for the platform and if you're looking to make use of these small computers for fitness purposes, these are some of the best Android Wear apps available for getting in shape, staying in shape or eternally kidding yourself that you'll get to it tomorrow.

Hole19 - Golf GPS & Scorecard

Easing you into things, Hole19 is one of the best Android apps out there for keeping tracking of your score and tracking your swing. With the Android Wear part of the app, it can help you get better at your game, and check up on your score without getting your phone out all the time on the green. A good option for keen golfers, this has a lot going for it, that's for sure.

Interval Timer - Android Wear

For those that are looking to make more intensive use of their smartwatch, Interval Timer is a safe bet. This is something for those that are doing something that doesn't fit into an app or they just want to do things their own way. Essentially what this does is put a stopwatch designed for working out on your wrist, and it's a good option to travel light in the gym and keep your phone in your locker or out of harm's way.

Runner Watch Face

Having an Android Wear watch is all about having glanceable info on your wrist, there when you need it, not there when it's not relevant. With this watch face, you can get a look at your heart rate, your step count for the day as well as battery life and of course, the time. This is a watch face, so it will be always-on (depending on which watch you have) and is a good option for those who have tried tracking their runs and always forget but still want some insight as they chew up the miles.

Google Fit - Fitness Tracking

This is a little confusing, as it looks like Google Fit is installed by default on your Android Wear watch, but this is not the full version of the app. Installing Google Fit is a way of getting access to a good all-round fitness tracking app, and it will subsequently offer up more information on your watch when using the Android Wear app as well. If you're a big fan of Google services, this is just one more piece of the puzzle for the Internet giant offering everything you need.

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

If cycling is more your thing, then Strava is the app for you. It's great on Android as it is, but with the Android Wear side of things, it all comes together quite nicely, offering up a little more information on your wrist as you get going, and it's something that a lot of cyclists will find useful to get updates as they're on the move.

Specialized Bikes Watch Face

Speaking of cycling, this specialized watch face for Android Wear is a good little app for cyclists to get info on their wrist all the time. With the weather, windspeed and direction as well as precipitation, this is a neat little app for those worried about the weather is going to do if their on the bike or running out in the wilds.

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer

Wear Fitness Personal Trainer is a great app for those that are more interested in doing a little bit of everything in order to keep in shape. It automatically detects different movements and reps, and it can be used to create your own workouts as well as watch videos on your phone to see what the proper form for each exercise is. Overall, this is a good app, but one that might not be all that accurate a lot of the time.


Runtastic has been around for some time now, and it's so popular for a lot of good reasons, but mostly because of how accurate it is with just the use of your phone. Add in an Android Wear watch and you get a lot more data on your wrist and you can even start an activity from your wrist as well as get info as you run. Oh, and don't worry, it's good for walking as well!

Sony Lifelog

This might be a recommendation best for those with Sony's SmartWatch 3, but it's no less worth listing here. It has a lot going for it on the phone, and regardless of which Android Wear smartwatch you have, the Android Wear app will appear on your smartwatch and give you updates on your progress throughout the day. An excellent app all-round, Sony's LifeLog tracks everything you do on your device, how you move, how much you move and even what you do on your phone throughout the day. A good app for both SmartWatch 3 owners as well as all Android Wear users, this is well worth taking a look at, and it also works with your phone regardless.


Where Runtastic is all about stats and speed, Runbit is more about chewing up the miles and getting out there. On Android Wear, it shows you a map as you run or walk, and there are stars nearby that act as little dots to help you keep going and meet your goals. A more fun approach to things, Runbit is worth trying if you need a push to get out there.

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