Featured Review: Poetic Revolution Case for the Nexus 6P

Another offering from Poetic for the Nexus 6P includes their Revolution case here. This is a much more rugged case than their Affinity Series which we already reviewed. The Nexus 6P isn't a rugged smartphone, however with the addition of the Poetic Revolution, Poetic hopes that it will be rugged enough to survive drops and whatever else you may throw at it. The Revolution case is geared more towards those that need a more rugged smartphone case because they work at a construction site, or maybe they are just a bit clumsy. Whatever the case may be, Poetic has you covered. Now we've been using this case on our own Nexus 6P for the past couple of days, and have been quite impressed with it. The Poetic Revolution case for the Nexus 6P runs at about $12.95, a great price for a rugged smartphone case, but is it rugged enough? Let's find out.

Essentially, the Poetic Revolution case comes in two parts, as most rugged cases do these days. There's the back of the case, which includes a kick-stand, but there's also the front the that a built-in screen protector, along with a raised bezel to protect the display when the phone is dropped. Similar to the Otterbox Defender cases and other rugged cases out there. You'll definitely want to read the directions before attempting to take the case apart to install on your phone. As you could do some damage to your case, and vice versa for when you want to take your phone out of the case. This Revolution case from Poetic is made of both polycarbonate and TPU materials which combine to give you shock absorption. It also has a rugged design, and the front part of the case has the built-in screen protector which makes the smartphone a bit water resistant. Now that's water resistant, not water proof. So no, this case does not make the Nexus 6P water resistant. Basically this means you can use your phone in the rain without an issue, but don't toss it in a pool. Poetic uses a "unique corner protection" here on the Revolution case, which has a raised TPU support to protect from drops. Now we did drop the Nexus 6P, inside on carpet (we weren't brave enough to drop test our personal device) and it does bounce thanks to the TPU material used. The reason for that is so the case takes all of the damage and not the smartphone. Poetic also has flaps to cover all of the ports, this is to protect it from dust as well as water.

Now, this case does have flaps for the charging port, and headphone jack. But it does have cut outs on the back for the fingerprint reader as well as the camera module. You are still able to use the fingerprint reader on the back, just as you would without the case on the Nexus 6P. It works the same and doesn't add any difficulty in using it. Additionally, for the camera, the Revolution case does not cover up the camera, flash or the laser auto-focus, as some others have been known to do. While there are no cut outs for the volume rocker and power button, they are still easy to press and use. Unlike with a few other cases, it doesn't make it difficult to take screenshots either.

On the back we have a kickstand which works with the Nexus 6P in both landscape and portrait mode. Making it great for watching videos on your Nexus 6P, especially with its amazing looking AMOLED display. The kick-stand is metal, so it is nice and sturdy, and you won't need to worry about it not being able to hold up your Nexus 6P. It's located just below the fingerprint sensor, making it an ideal spot. The inside of the case is nice and soft, so it won't scratch up the aluminum build of the Nexus 6P. Always a nice thing to have.

The front has the built-in screen protector, which isn't always ideal. However, Poetic has done a nice job with it here. It fits snugly on the Nexus 6P's display and still allows you to use the display without having to use more force to register taps on the screen - like some other cases that feature a built-in screen protector. So that's a plus. The screen protector does also have a few cut outs for the camera, a few of the sensors in the front as well as the dual front-facing stereo speakers. So you won't have to suffer with poor muffled audio, as it can go straight through the cut out in the display and go to your ears. Using the built-in screen protector won't make the display feel more natural, as it is plastic and not glass (would be really nice if it were tempered glass though, it'd feel much more natural to the finger tip), so if that's an issue for you, you can simply take the front of the case off and use it as is.

Poetic has done a nice job here creating a rugged-style case that would be great for everyone, whether they are a bit clumsy, or just want some added protection for their smartphone, that they paid $500+ for. While this is a rugged case, it is not overly thick or bulky, actually. That's typically the biggest issue when it comes to these rugged cases. Poetic did a great job in adding the kick-stand as well. And for just $12, it's hard to find another case that will give you just as much protection, for your new Nexus 6P. Poetic sells the Revolution case, and many other cases for the Nexus 6P and other devices, on Amazon. You can pick one up today for just $12.95, it's a great buy and one you definitely won't regret. It's worth noting that Poetic only sells the Revolution Case in black or dark grey. Unlike the Affinity Series, it is not available in a slew of colors.

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