Fallout Shelter Update Improves Vault Living With New Features

December 10, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

With Bethesda’s new game Fallout 4 having just hit the retailers and online stores a mere few weeks ago, it’s understandable if you’ve simply forgotten your vault dwellers and have let things go to hell. It’s not your fault, not entirely. It’s also time to make up for your mistakes and get back to vault living on the go with the latest Fallout Shelter update that improves the quality of life in that underground bunker/city. Bethesda’s latest update to Fallout Shelter adds a handful of cool new features and if you play the game you surely won’t be disappointed. If you’re a newcomer, now is the best time to get in on it with new stuff coming through as more content is never a bad thing.

Fallout Shelter is of course free, and so is the update as well as the new content and features. Since Fallout Shelter is a simulation game, things can be broken down to a few main goals. Keep your dwellers happy, keep them healthy, and keep them working so you can continue to build and expand your vault, make more money and accept more dwellers. Because you could always use more helping hands. In the new update, the game introduces pets which should help to keep dwellers’ spirits high.

Does your vault have lazy good-for-nothing dwellers who just want to sit around all day and watch others do the work for them? Not a problem. You’re the overseer, after all, so you have the power to do with them as you wish, and now you can evict any dwellers you see fit. Just don’t feel bad afterwards. Remember, it’s just a game. The update also introduces new ways for dwellers to flirt, because why not, and there are now improvements to the management system and new objectives for dwellers to complete after you’ve assigned them to the task. We’ve all been there. Playing a game in which you have limited inventory slots and you start to worry because you’re running out of space, but you’re unfortunately also a pack rat and a hoarder and are afraid to throw anything anyway for fear of needing it some day. (Spoiler: you’ll never need it.) Get rid of your junk all at once with the new sell all button. Lastly, the game’s performance should now be smoother as Bethesda have added in new improvements and optimizations. You can pick up Fallout Shelter for free on Google Play.