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One's personal Google search history may be a trifle revealing from person to person, but is normally fairly tame. It will, of course, reveal that person's desires, priorities and in some cases some facts they may not have wanted others to know. Estately decided to see how that data stacked up on a state level, grabbing data from each of the 50 U.S. states and tallying up the top searches that were different from state to state. In short, this data should show the most popular searches in each state that are unique to that state, giving a unique look at the culture of each state. The source link contains a wide range of results for each state beyond the map here, giving a more detailed look. There's a good deal you can glean from this map, however, if you're up on U.S. culture and current events.

The New England area, consisting of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and New Hampshire, for example, is rife with a wide range of topics both trivial and crucial, ranging from the U.K.'s royal baby to "Deflategate", a football scandal involving a partially deflated ball. Alaska did a lot of snooping on President Barack Obama, while Hawaii took a keen interest in the Apple Watch. California, always keen on the environment, dug deep into the Volkswagen scandal, while Colorado took to news of possible water on Mars like a fish to water.

Unsurprisingly, good old Floridians all seemed to want to know more about concealed weapons permits, most likely reflecting a desire to protect themselves in the wake of massive worldwide terrorism. Arizona, in a similar vein, checked into the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constituition, while the right to keep and bear arms outlined in said Amendment was a hot topic for Missouri.

Georgia showed a bit of an affinity for trendy dance crazes, with their top term being "whip dance", referring to the "Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Nae Nae" phenomenon that has stunned many and annoyed just as many. Interestingly, the Stanky Leg dance also made Georgia's list.Topics ranging from Trump for president to vaccinations and climate change all popped up. Regional trends outside of the per-state bubble, however, are somewhat hard to find.

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