Environmentally Friendly Modular Fairphone 2 Now shipping

Fairphone2 2

So we have all heard about Google’s Project Ara smartphone which is a modular device that can be upgraded through adding new parts. You don’t have to take the phone anywhere, all you have to do is order the parts and install them yourself. Recently another phone has been making its way down the road with the same inspiration. The Fairphone 2 is a modular smartphone that can be repaired solely by the owner. Its not as modular as Project Ara because you can’t upgrade to better parts, but you sure can repair the device if something goes wrong.

The Fairphone 2 begins shipping today and customers who pre-ordered their device earlier this year will soon be receiving the phone. Now we have said that the Fairphone 2 is a modular device that can easily be repaired by the owner. How easy is it to repair? All you need is a screwdriver and key components like the screen, camera, and main circuit board which can be replaced if damaged. All parts must be bought by Fairphone of course but you don’t have to take your device to your mom and pop shop or ship it off anywhere for repair. Fairphone which was founded in 2013 believes in building environmentally friendly smartphones that can be repaired and maintained for a good 5 years before you have to purchase a new one. As often as we waste smartphones, it can endanger the environment and Fairphone wants people to be conscious of their actions.

Pre-order for the Fairphone began a few months back and as we said earlier the phones are starting to ship out. Only available to the European market, the Fairphone 2 will cost you €529.38. The Fairphone 2 doesn’t offer as much of a unique experience like the big flagship phones, and the specs are mostly standard fare with  a 5-inch 1080p display and a Snapdragon 801 processor. The Fairphone 2 also runs Android 5.1 Lollipop and is pushing 2GB of RAM. All pre-orders of the Fairphone 2 should be shipped out by the end of January according to the company. With that being said, we should be hearing more about this phone as it lands in the possession of the many people who purchased the device.