Dropbox To Shut Down Mailbox & Carousel In Early 2016

December 7, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

As consumers, most people should be used to seeing things come and go. Not all products work out even they appear to be something useful and promising. Sometimes, companies just need to cut their losses. This kind of behavior extends to mobile apps and two that are currently available to new and existing users, Carousel and Mailbox which are both apps from the Dropbox team, will be shutting down early next year. Dropbox states that the decision was a tough one to come to but ultimately it stems from them wanting to be able to provide better experiences to users with the original Dropbox app.

The good news (for now at least) for those that use either or both of these apps from the Dropbox team, is that neither app is shutting down immediately. The apps won’t go offline until early in 2016, with Mailbox shutting down on February 26th of 2016, while Dropbox will leave Carousel up and running until the end of the following month, with a shutdown date set for March 31st of 2016. Dropbox has also noted specific changes coming in light of these apps going the way of the dinosaur. Some of Carousel’s best features will be rolled into to Dropbox at some point in the future, so basically all that’s really changing is that there will no longer be a standalone application dedicated to your photo experiences.

When it comes to Mailbox, there generally won’t be any features making the transition over to Dropbox like there are with some of Carousel’s key functions. Dropbox did mention, however, that they believe the best way to improve their user’s productivity will be to make something that “streamlines the workflows that generate email.” Dropbox’s vision for Mailbox was to provide exactly this, a more streamlined email experience, but they feel that Mailbox has reached its limits and that more can be done to make people even more productive, just not in that particular form. There are no details just yet on what Dropbox may have in the works for a new productivity app or service, and for those who may have been avid users of Mailbox, the Dropbox team provides a handy little guide and some export tools to assist users in moving to a new email client.