Download: Google+ Updates to Version 6.9

December 10, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google+ got a pretty major refresh a few weeks ago. And some loved it, while others hated it. That’s normal when it comes to major redesigns and changes, however. Google had updated their Google+ app a few weeks ago and now we’re getting another update, the first one after that major update, and it’s here as version 6.9. If you’re interested in sideloading it, we do have the link for you at the bottom of this post.

There’s not a whole lot that’s new in this update. However we do now have a full tab for notifications. Instead of it essentially being a slide-out panel from the right side, you can tap on the notification tab at the bottom and it fills up the entire screen. It looks pretty good and fits in a bit more with the overall design of the latest Google+ app. Something we can all appreciate. That’s about the only visual change here in this version. But you can still guarantee that the Google+ team has fixed some bugs and enhance performance and stability of the app. As that happens with every update on every app. So that won’t be a huge surprise.

Google+ has had a weird few years, with many of its features being stripped out and independent of the service now, like Hangouts and Google Photos, but it is still clear that Google has no plans of dropping Google+, at least not yet. While Google+ isn’t as big as Facebook or Twitter, and may not ever be, it’s a great place to hangout and find new friends. Not to mention following your favorite Android website, Android Headlines. Google does have a ton of products, and every so often the company will perform a “spring cleaning” and get rid of some of them. That’s exactly what happened to Google Reader a few years ago, even though so many used it, Google sill got rid of it. Although that paved the way for Feedly.

If you’re looking to download the update for Google+ you can do so by hitting the link below. Just download the APK, enable “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security and then install it. Easy as can be.

Download: Google+ v6.9