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If you are the proud owner of an Android TV device, then there is an update heading your way. First off, this is not a significant update and does not bring much in the way of features. Instead, this is an update to the Google App which comes pre-installed on Android TV devices and generally seems to be an update which adds more cosmetic features than functional ones. In very short terms, this is an update which is bringing Android TV devices more in line with Google's recent branding change.

A couple of months ago, Google announced a re-branding of sorts and this immediately led to a string of updates rolling out to mobile devices which looked to adjust the branding you see with the company's various apps and services. Most notably, the Google App which changed from its older design to one which adopts a more colorful look. The current update to the Google app for Android TV is essentially the same update which hit mobile devices. As a result, much of the Google app related visual aspects will be updated to represent the new branding.


The most immediate and obvious visual change will be the newly colored mic (voice search) icon which now appears replacing the more solid blue mic icon which was previously in use. Likewise, if you click on that mic icon, instead of the old "To search, start speaking" message which would appear (without a screen change) the updated version will now highlight an overlaid window which again adopts the branding and a more prominent 'listening' message. Those already running the latest version of the Google app on their mobile device will be very familiar with this particular page, as it is essential the same page. Albeit, more optimized for Android TV. At the moment, much of the rest seems to be the same, with only the branding being notable changed. This is an update which is in the process of rolling out as we speak and chances are, the update has already landed on your device. If it has not, then you can always pull it from the link below and sideload to your Android TV device.

Android TV Google App APK Download

Android TV Google App rebrand listening

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