Dongjin Koh Says Samsung Mobile In For A 'Tough 2016'

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Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The company’s profits were on the rise for many years, until last year, when everything changed. Samsung realized that they need to change things in order to get back to the right path, so they decided to step up their game and released all-metal handsets this year. The company has also decided to innovate with the Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus devices, while they’ve also improved their Android-based skin, TouchWiz.

That being said, we’ve seen conflicting reports regarding he company’s sales in 2015, but all in all, it seems like Samsung did really well this year, and are back on top as far as market share goes. As you probably already know, Samsung Mobile’s president, JK Shin, stepped down recently, which was quite surprising to many people. Dongjin Koh took his place, and it seems like he is getting ready to change things around. The company’s new president has already said that the company will focus more on software and services moving forward, and now we have some additional news, read on.

During a recent interview, Samsung’s new president said that he doesn’t expect a ‘huge upturn’ in profit in 2016. He also expects a rather ‘tough’ year for the company, which might be surprising to some people. Either way, Mr. Koh’s recent statements point to major changes inside Samsung Mobile. Considering he mentioned software as the company’s main target next year, we can expect some changes in TouchWiz, which many of us will certainly appreciate, even though Samsung did improve it to a certain degree this year.

In addition to all this, Mr. Koh refused to comment whether the company plans to release the Galaxy S7 earlier than expected. We’ve seen a number of rumors stating that the device might launch before February / March, but the company’s new president didn’t want to comment on it. All in all, it seems like 2016 will be a really interesting year for Samsung, and it will certainly going to be interesting to see what will change under the new leadership.