Deal: Super Soft Texting Gloves – $6.75

December 30, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

We’re now officially in Winter, although it doesn’t always feel like it thanks to El Nino. And this means most of us are going to be wearing gloves while we are outside, so we can stay warm, and most of all avoid frost-bite. Luckily, we have a pair of gloves here that allow you to still use your phone with them on, as most gloves can’t register touches on our devices, but these can. They also fit every hand, so you don’t have to worry about them being too small. This means when you’re outside, you’ll be able to still text, or check Twitter, or Facebook, without needing to take off a glove or two. Always a great thing.

These work with most smartphones and tablets and include an extra comfortable fit and feel. Additionally, there are simple color and design that matches everything. And most of all, they are here to keep your fingers nice and warm. Right now you can pick up these Super Soft Texting Gloves from the Android Headlines Store for just $6.75. That’s cheaper than most regular gloves would cost you. Normally they’d run you around $10, so you’ll definitely want to get these before they are gone.

Super Soft Texting Gloves