Deal: SkyHub Cloud 1TB Backup: Lifetime Subscription – $49

December 18, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Virtually our entire life is online. From our email, to our personal life (on Facebook, Twitter, etc) and even our jobs, at least for some people. It’s important to keep that data backed up and secure, which is why SkyHub Cloud is a great backup solution for everyone. Especially since the majority of computers in use today are defenseless against cyber data loss. SkyHub also safely keeps your data forever, and grants you access to your information through an online dashboard. There’s no hidden “got ya’s” in this one either. It’s the best and affordable solution money can buy. And right now, we’re offering a lifetime subscription with 1TB of backup for just $49.

SkyHub will automatically backup 4 computers for you, as well as allowing you to add more to your account at any time. Additionally, you can back up discs and thumb-drives as well. It’s important to note that this promotion does include NAS and DAS drive backups. SkyHub can be set up pretty quickly and easily, allowing you to rest easily knowing that your data is secure, thanks to SkyHub’s advanced encryption security. You’re able to view all of your backed up files on the web as well.

You can pick up the SkyHub Cloud 1TB Backup with a lifetime subscription from the Android Headlines Store for just $49.99.

SkyHub Cloud 1TB Backup